SPATIA General Information Sheet


·        What are the rules for User IDs and Passwords?

o       Comprised of lower case letters, numbers and special characters

o       Password does not change on a periodic basis

o       Users cannot administer their own passwords

o       Call us if you forget, or want, a different User ID or password

o       If you get an invalid User ID/Password error, be sure that you haven’t entered uppercase letters


·        How much interval data is available?

o       How do I know how much data is available on line for a meter?  Click on the Meter ID and the data available online is shown on the right hand side of the screen

o       Usually keep 2 years of historical data, if available, plus the current year on line.

o       Can put more on line anytime if needed and it is available.  Just call one of the numbers on the login screen.

o       By default, the date pickers are set to retrieve the most recent 31 days of online data for the selected meter.

o       User can request up to 1 year of data at one time. 

o       Usually delete the oldest year of data around December/January (i.e. we keep three years of data plus the current year).

o       Can we see data from the previous customer at our site?  Only if you provide written authorization from the previous customer.


·        How can I improve the quality of the graph when I print it?

o       Right click inside the graph and save the file as a jpg.

o       Open the jpg file and print.


·        What is Totalization or Meter Aggregation?

o       Adds multiple Meter IDs together by interval resulting in a single summary ID that is the sum of the contributor Meter IDs.

o       Can be done on the fly via the options menu

§         The definition is only available during the session.  It is lost when you log off.

o       Call one of the numbers of the Log In screen to have a permanent totalization ID created if a summary ID is needed frequently


·        Why didn’t the PF/KVA Graph work?

o       Only available if the MeterID has a kvarh channel in the Quantities box


·        How does the Zoom feature work?

o       Hold down the left mouse button and drag the mouse across the portion of the graph that you wish to zoom in on.

o       Can be done multiple times

o       To reverse the zoom, click on the Icon that looks like a magnifying glass

o       Works on most graphs.


·        What are the recommended Display settings to optimize the graph size?

o       Recommend setting the resolution to 1024 by 768


·        Why are the values in the download file different than what I saw on the graphs?

o       While graphs typically display data in KW or KVAR, the export outputs the data in kWh, kVarh and kVah.  To convert interval kWh values to kW, multiply kWh by the intervals per hour.  If the data is in 15 minute format, the intervals per hour = 4.  For 30 minute data, the intervals per hour = 2.

o       If there are multiple channels for the selected MeterID, all will be included in the export file.


·        Why hasn’t my data been updated after I scheduled a call?

o       If you didn’t change the time to call, it is probably scheduled for the default time to call of 23:00 (11pm)

o       Check the Interrogation Report.  If it hasn’t called yet, it will show a status of “in” and a reason of “pending” and the time that the meter is scheduled to call.  If the call has failed, then the status will be “ac” and the reason will be “error”.

o       If the call appears to have been successful, try clicking on the browser refresh button and selecting the data again.  (The icon to the left of the home icon is the refresh icon)

o       Check the 24 hour Graph to see if the most recent data is available.

o       If the data has not been updated to the current time and the interrogation report is blank, it likely means that the call was made, but the data failed a validation check.  If you want the validation failure taken care of right away, call one of the numbers on the Log In screen.  Otherwise the validation failure will likely be resolved in the next 24 hours.


·        How do I install the newest version of Java?

o       When you login to SPATIANEW, it will automatically prompt you to install the latest version of Java.

o       If pop-ups are blocked, please always allow pop-ups from this site.

o       If active-x is not installed, you will need to install the active-x components.

o       It will ask if you for an install a typical or custom install select typical.

o       Who is Itron?  Itron wrote the web software, MV Web that we have re-titled as SPATIANEW.

o       How do I check what version of SPATIANEW is on my machine?  In Internet Explorer, select Tools> Internet options> View Objects.  The version number is on the far right side of the MV Web data control row.